10324 S. Western Ave.


2021 Beverly Art Walk featured artists:

Mary Dawn Liddicoatt

John Brudek

Bookie’s has moved to an expanded location at 10324 S. Western Ave. Almost everything on this page is outdated. This page will soon be replaced with one that has been updated. Please stop by the new location, call the store, and join us on Facebook!!!

Bookie’s has everything from out-of-print science fiction novels and mysteries, to the newest bestseller by James Patterson. On the same shelves that you can find Neil Gaiman’s mind-bending fantasy works, you can find big hits like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the Dork Diaries, or the Divergent series. If you’ve already read those, turn a corner and catch up on those classics by Dickens and Hemingway that you always wanted to read, but never had the time for. Even if those choices don’t tickle your fancy, browse a little more: you’ll find comics and graphic novels, books on arts and crafts, and an interesting selection of humor books. If you need your fingers on the pulse of the world, we have sections on current events, business and management, and more.

Our everyday prices for used books are usually half the original retail price, and we offer new bestsellers at 20-25% off cover price. We also have shelves of 3 for $1 books: romance, mystery, general fiction, and children’s titles.


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