Ridge Park Art Fair & Uprising Solstice Market


Saturday, June 25


11:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Chicago Park District, Ridge Park Advisory Council, Beverly Area Arts Alliance, and John H. Vanderpoel Art Association are excited to partner in presenting The Ridge Park Art Fair & Uprising Solstice Market on June 25, 2022, 11 am–5 pm. This free, family-friendly event features fine art and handmade items, live music, food and libations, and activities for children.


Libby Alexander • Painting

Libby Alexander was born in Springfield, IL. She is an abstract painter and cartoonist that’s been rejected by the New Yorker—a badge of honor in the toon world. A Beverly resident since 2016 and big fan of the Vanderpoel Art Museum in Ridge Park’s field house.

Rashida Autmon • Jewelry

I’ve always known I wanted to do something art-related. When I got to college, I discovered it was graphic design…as a career. But as a hobby, anything art-related. From painting to drawing. Crocheting to needlepoint to latch hook. Playing with beads and buttons and sequins.

Lori Bartman • Ceramics

I am an artist living and producing in Chicago, IL. I earned a BA in Studio Art from University of California, Berkeley and a MFA in Printmaking from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA.

My work has been included in exhibitions nationally since 1975, and is in numerous public and private collections. Professional experience includes extensive arts administration and curatorial positions.

Sari Breslin • Mixed Media

Born and raised on the City’s southwest side, her work derives from her experiences growing up during the tumultuous 1960’s and the continuing struggles for social justice—particularly those of women—in modern society. Recurring themes include the force and fury of the natural environment and their metaphorical connection with human emotions and human nature. Works in oil, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media range in style from abstract expressionism to impressionism, translating the artist’s view of the natural and man-made environment around her as well as the sometimes dark and turbulent inner workings of the human mind.

Ms. Breslin’s work has been exhibited at galleries and charitable events throughout Chicago. Recently retired as Art Teacher and Fine Arts Department Chair at Gurdon S. Hubbard High School she is currently working as the Education Coordinator of The Chicago Maritime Museum. Her first love will always be educating and creating with the youth of Chicago. When not busy painting, she can be found sailing Lake Michigan aboard her 1957 Herreshoff designed ketch Tara Ceilidh with her three children and nine grandchildren.

Peggy Brittman • Serenity Es-Scents

Thoughtfully crafted eco-friendly candles for mindful living. We use pure soy wax, infused with natural aroma blends, formulated to remind you to slow down, uplift yourself and create your own sacred space.

NiBu Design • Handbags and Dolls

When I was a kid I never knew you could buy clothes at the store. My mother made everything I wore, and my father made furniture. Having learned sewing, woodworking, and life from them, they have been my greatest influence. My educational background began to further develop as a student at Columbia College. During my time there I studied commercial photography and darkroom photography. Those years broadened my creativity thus pushing me to explore alternate artistic mediums. While living abroad in Portugal I was exposed to other talents in the artistic world. It is because of these influences I will dare to dream outside of the box.

After the birth of my daughter I began focusing my intentions on making simple dolls, small handbags and miscellaneous whatnots. Lately I’ve been drawn to building doll sculptures made out of recycled materials. My passion for vintage fabrics and recycled materials help me to connect with those around me. I’m constantly experimenting as both a tactile and visual artist and I’m looking forward to bringing these worlds together in new and innovative ways.

Melina Castillo • Jewelry

My name is Melina Castillo and I create beaded jewelry using tiny beads, a needle, and string.

Joyce Chen • JamJarDesigns

Joyce Chen Paluch is a local Beverly resident for over twenty years. She’s just a girl who likes to make something out of nothing: Whether it is a lump of clay, a pretty piece of paper, or a couple of shiny beads – it is fun to see what it can become!

I started creating jewelry of many mediums when I was younger with the intent of gifting my creations to others. The main person I wanted to gift my creations to was my grandma who lives in Mexico. People became interested in purchasing my creations. I eventually decided to hone in my craft and ultimately focus in on bead weaving. This medium is so versatile and detail oriented that I felt it was the perfect fit for me.

Matthew Coglianese • Photography

Chicago based digital artist Matthew Coglianese has been creating art his entire life in one form or another. His digital art and photography is fueled by a strong passion for architecture, science fiction and the surreal. There is a personal joy in bringing the impossible to life, or making something exist out of something that didn’t. With the constant evolution of digital mediums there is always a vehicle for creating anything and everything that would only be hindered by one’s imagination.

Judith Dax-Rom • Ceramics

Chicago based digital artist Matthew Coglianese has been creating art his entire life in one form or another. His digital art and photography is fueled by a strong passion for architecture, science fiction and the surreal. There is a personal joy in bringing the impossible to life, or making something exist out of something that didn’t. With the constant evolution of digital mediums there is always a vehicle for creating anything and everything that would only be hindered by one’s imagination.

Janet Devine-Fitzpatrick • Jewelry

I am a crafter. I make beaded, clay, wire and resin jewelry. I’ve been crafting for over 20 years. I started my craft journey doing ceramic art and over the year have picked up jewelry making, paint pouring, polymer clay art, and resin art. I embellish tshirts, jackets, throw pillows and eyeglass frames. I teach jewelry making every Tuesday to a group of seniors.

Beth Doherty • Mixed Media

I am a person with a chronic pain disorder. Crafting things brings me solace. The creative winds change direction time to time, but they always lead to joyful self expression. Making work that brings a smile to someone’s face is extremely gratifying. Knowing that I’ve lightened someone’s day just a bit is a great comfort and gives me a sense of purpose.

Valerie Drame • Accessories

Drame’ Designs is a collection of affordable luxury leather goods for women and men. All items are handmade by the designer, Valerie Drame’. I was introduced to leather work six years ago and have continuously honed my skills to create leather bags and small leather goods of exceptional quality.

Katherine Einhorn • Mixed media

My name is Katherine Einhorn of Reflections with Kate and I am an artist! I create Crystal trees, Art on Canvas, Pyrography (wood burning) and Drawstring Bags. I have about 120 different tree stones or combinations of stones I can create and my art is unique. My bags are different sizes for crystals, cards, D&D dice or backpacks. Everything (especially the recent creations) can be found on my social media pages

Allison Flamm • Mixed media

SAIC Grad., Chicago Native, Do you see what I see?

Virginia Foster • Preserving

The name of my business is JAM”N. I have been creating a variety of pickled and preserved canned dishes since 2010. I have a variety of options to choose from including spicy pickled beets, Chow Chow, strawberry rhubarb jam, apple butter and so much more.

Mashallah Ghouleh • Jewelry

Mashallah Ghouleh, is our designer and creative director. She was born and raised in the hustle and bustle of the great city of Chicago.

She grew up under the influence of her aunt Ikram Goldman, a global fashion icon. Having been exposed to fashion at a young age, her passion for working in the industry grew over time. While attending college Mashallah started her own freelance styling service and worked on a variety of projects.

For Mashallah accessories, specifically beautiful transitional jewelry have always been a staple. Living in the city and having to transition outfits from day to night, she turned to jewelry as a lightweight and easy solution. After years of being a part of Chicago’s fashion scene, and so much experience under her belt, Mashallah set out to create her own jewelry label that communicates timeless style with an edge. As both a designer and collector of all things beautiful, her natural creative energy shines through everything she creates.

Ken Gray • Buttons and Magnets

AI use found or discarded books and magazines as source material for making my one of a kind buttons and fridge magnets. I can make them in 4 sizes though I’d probably just bring the two most popular sizes to the Art Fair. I would also bring “blank button cavasses” to allow people going to the Art Fair to create there own buttons on the spot.

Monica Harris • Stained glass

I have been creating various custom stained glass windows for public and private clients for over 20 years. While flexible in the subject matter I create, I am particularly inspired by and seek to create panels that celebrate the beauty of the human form. Recently I have returned to creating functional 3-dimensional objects.

Kelly Herold • Upcyling

I take beer trash and turn it into everyday useable items. Specifically, coasters, soap dispensers and magnets, among other things.

Rolanda Hudson • Mixed media

I use my art enhance the ambiance of a space. True that all art can do this, I challenge the mind of the viewer by using 3D techniques and exotic materials. I also want to present a sense of what could have been.  My art is intended to fill the void in a space, inducing a felling that the artwork should have been there all along.

Lee Kintner • Mixed Media

Windrose Designs is a local two-artist collaboration that creates custom and original artwork. We use a wide variety of mediums to make unique gifts and art pieces inspired by travel, nature, and Chicago.

Marianne Lambur • Woodworking

Marianne Lambur and Jean King, aka The Flag Sisters, create hand made wooden Chicago flags. We have both large and small sizes of the Chicago flag and small sizes of Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department flags. We also have small Chicago flag Christmas ornaments and magnets

Susan Larsen • Jewelry

I create work that celebrates our profound connection to the natural world. When worn, my jewelry revitalizes the wearer’s relationship with nature and art. Expressive, stylized deigns evoke organic power and mystery through line, shape and texture and form. Inspiration comes from the visual characteristics of natural elements. Impressions are translated into an abstract, graphic language adapted to metalworking. Bodies of work are created based on themes such as native grass, tree bark, stone and rain. The work is created by hand using traditional metalworking techniques in spontaneous and intuitive ways. It is made of naturally derived materials including sterling, copper, gemstones, nuts and pearls.

Eloisa Luevano • Stationery and Greeting Cards

incorporating style & personality to create a fanciful variety of Greeting Cards for all occasions! I believe every design should be as unique and special as you or the person receiving, I strive for every creation to reflect my passion for innovative design and high-quality paper, ribbon and embellishments. Each Card is fulfilled with focused attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.

Timeesha Magnus • Painting

Timeesha is a born + raised Chicago artist, interior designer and lover of all french fries. I Am MEE Design™️ is her creative outlet she shares with the world. She’s a firm believer that art is therapeutic and an honest gateway to self-love + true expression. As individuals, we tend to allow stress and the opinions of others control our life-decisions, which in return fogs our truth. I Am MEE Design™️ was created to embody that choice. Being able to freely create and express ourselves in our own way is FREEDOM. Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art would not exist. Timeesha does not limit herself to one medium, style or concept, though she incorporates vibrant colors in most of her artwork to entice joy, happiness and a sense of calmness to her viewers. She embodies the nature of women as mothers, sisterhood relationships, self-love, and how we are naturally creators. As women, we encompass the true definition of strength, intuition and birthers of new things. Her unique creations are a reflection of what she has learned, how she feels, what influences her and what she has experienced. She also has a passion in designing beautiful and functional interior spaces, in which she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Harrington College of Design in 2009.

Brendan McAlinden • Painting

I make abstract Impressionism works on canvas and upcycle clothing.

Tim McCarthy • Painting

Original watercolor and oils. Landscapes and cityscapes

Jim McGreal • Cartoons

Jim arrived on Earth in 1952. He discovered comic books in 1959… discovered the girl of his dreams in 1983 and has been with both ever since. He lives on a lake in a small town in Michigan.

Frankie McMllan • Jewelry

1976 graduate of Chicago Art Institute. Pursued career as a Graphic Designer of Health and Beauty Aids packaging. Have been an active jewelry designer for 20 years.

Roby Nyther • Photography

My name is Roby Nyther, and I’m a Chicagoan with a natural gift for drawing from an early age. I major in Commercial Art at Dunbar Vocational High School. I have studied Studio Art and Graphic Design at Chicago State University. After studying Photography, a new chapter in my life began. Just as some artists would take a brush and paint on a canvas to create fine art. I do the same only with my camera and computer to make them my fine art on a computer canvas. My primary focus has been presenting a variety of styles that are very realistic, humorous, dreamy, mysterious, and complex. I do freelance both modern and traditional photographic techniques to give my artwork attention, and a new light of attraction to ordinary shapes, objects and images, as well as to common subjects. This is my passion this is my enduring lifestyle. I have exhibited my work throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs of Illinois and Indiana. I hope to exhibit internationally soon.

Teresa O’Hara • Pottery

4 Women, 3 generations, 1 family. We are mothers, daughters and sisters pooling our love of handmade goods.

Joan O’Hara • Jewelry

I am a local artist who makes jewelry with wire and precious stones.

Nate Otto • Painting

Nate lives in Beverly with his wife and two young children. Since becoming a full time artist ten years ago, Nate has had eight solo shows, been included in group shows all around the country, and done dozens of murals. His client list includes Nike, Facebook, Chase, Walgreens, Vans, Apple, LG, Basecamp, and many others. Nate has two outdoor murals in Beverly and he hopes to do more.

Allison Papara • Fashion

Rocco bee Collective started in 2018 when Allison was disappointed by the clothing selection for her son Rocco. She returned to her punk rock diy roots and started making her own. She makes music and vintage inspired tees, toys and accessories. Cool kids want cool tees. Cool parents approved.

Thomas Paulius • Printmaking

I am a visual artist and printmaker working in the areas of etchings, screenprints, relief prints, photogravures and fine art photography, creating unique images.

Nicold Pittman • Jewelry

Twenty Thou is the jewelry line of Chicago based designer Nicold Pittman. She strives to create unique, simple jewelry using copper, brass, sterling silver, gold-fill and rose gold fill along with precious and semi precious stones. She’s been creating jewelry for over 10 years.

Caitlyn Ray • Accessories

I handcraft leather bags, wallets and accessories using the brightest color leather hides available. I want my leather goods to stand out and create joy through the whimsical colors and designs.

Amy Roach • Painting

The thing I love to do is paint, the thing I hate to do is write an artist’s statement. I will take a page out of the comic Calvin and Hobbes. My art is utterly incomprehensible and therefore full of deep significance. The most crucial career decision is to pick a good “ism” so everyone knows how to categorize without understanding your work. Since I specialize in animal portraitures, my ‘ism” is Post modern Animal Portraitism. My whimsical oil paintings capture the spirit of the animal and the artist.

James Ross • Painting

Acrylic painter with 30 plus original paintings to exhibit. Most of my work is abstract Impressionism.

Salvatore Sciacca • Photography

I am a passionate artist who loves to travel the world and capture beautiful outdoor spaces. In addition, I am an avid woodworker and I create custom wood frames for my photographs. I have my own professional color printer and create ready to hang artwork all in house. I love creating beautiful pieces that people can purchase and install in their home or office and appreciate the photograph of different places around the US and around the world.

Diane Shaffer • Jewelry

Mystical Mayhem Creations was born from a perfect love affair. A pairing of my love of jewelry and desire to work with my hands. I make no two pieces the same, each one tells its own unique story through its texture, color, and shape. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate, there will never be another one just like it.

Charles Sheppard • Drawing

Studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Moved to Chicago where I practice Architecture, Drawings and Painting. I have presentations in Europe and the USA

Tori Stewart • Painting

Hi! I’m T. Stewart of stewARTstamp. I’m a former professional hairstylist and self taught mixed media artist. The art I create is inspired by my lived experience as well as those who have shared their life stories with me. It is my hope that something I create resonates with you and contributes to the vibe you’re creating in your spaces.

Linda Stolz • Ceramics

We are representing two artist groups: Soko Space is a woman-owned fair trade company and a member of Chicago Fair Trade. We are a small fair trade business in which we carry items back from East Africa, Morocco and Turkey. I participated in two Uprising events last year. Soko Space will have jewelry, textiles and baskets. Rise and Shine is Chicago-based and described below. We would like to share a booth.

Theresa Tribble • Textile

Sewing and quilting are my passion. I love to create new things from fabric and thread. I lean towards more modern and unusual prints.

Ruby Vielgo • Painting

Artist Statement..

Araceli Villalobos • Jewelry

Ivi Rose Jewelry is a jewelry line that is hanmade and one of a kind. Every piece is bead woven with different types of stitches and I also incorporate Swarovski Crystals, Gemstones, wire, and leather to create unique, timeless jewelry.

Maureen Webb • Aromatherapy

Wild Doe Healing Studio is a woman owned small (for now) business located in the West Beverly neighborhood of Chicago. Maureen specializes in hand curated intention, chakra and smudge sprays, rollerballs and essential oil blends used for self care and healing.

The John H. Vanderpoel Art Association is in residency at Ridge Park through the Chicago Park District’s Arts Partner in residence program, which unites artists and communities in Chicago’s parks.