Beverly Art Walk 2014

The first annual Beverly Art Walk on Saturday, October 11, 2-7pm will celebrate art in our community and showcase the venues and businesses that support the arts. The Art Walk is taking place in October, Chicago Artists Month, and will feature anchor arts and culture organizations in our neighborhood, The Beverly Arts Center, Vanderpoel Arts Association and Ridge Historical Society, as well as small businesses and organizations that will exhibit work from local artists, including Horse Thief Hollow, Beverly Bakery, O’Rourke’s Office, BAPA, the 19th Ward office, Heritage Gallery, Roots Consignment, Blossom Boys, Tranquility Salon, Smith Village, and more. The afternoon will include music, artist demonstrations, home studio tours, and food carts. The Art Walk is also developing three murals in the neighborhood that will be lasting legacy of this inaugural event.

The walk will be a family-friendly event – participating businesses will be identified on a “gallery” map and will have signage to indicate hours of participation. The walk is a great way to showcase our local business and to encourage pedestrian traffic from within and beyond our neighborhood. As the locations are spread across Beverly, we will also have trolleys as to not increase car traffic. The Art Walk will also show the importance of the arts in our community and the value of it as a means of economic development.


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