Beverly Alt Walk: Pandemograms


Wednesday, July 1

Creative expressions during a pandemic

Pandemograms are about supporting and celebrating the arts and community while respecting and bridging our social distance.
Pandemograms are art installations, exhibitions and murals popping up in local business hubs throughout Beverly and Morgan Park.
Pandemograms are messages we share with the world during a pandemic. We invite you to create your own Pandemogram postcard (or use one of these artist templates). Your Pandemogram message can be to anyone, no one, everyone or someone specific. Pandemogram postcards will be exhibited at Heritage Gallery through October 1st.
Send your finished Pandemograms to:
{Name of Recipient}
c/o Heritage Gallery
1907 W. 103rd St.
Chicago, IL 60643
Pandemograms is a concept created by Carla Winterbottom at the beginning of the pandemic. She was considering how despite the promise of social media connecting us, an actual postcard has a much more visceral, intimate and lasting feel.
Pandemograms can be viewed safely any time, but especially on “Alt” Walk nights. This is the first time in seven years that we will not be having a Beverly Art Walk this Fall. Instead, take a moonlit walk or ride to enjoy our neighborhood Pandemograms, lit up for all to see- safely. It’s happening Thursday nights, September 17th, 24th and October 1st. Many of the sites will feature QR codes linking to online content from artists, writers and other creatives, and there will be other surprises in store as well. More details coming soon! Current Pandemograms sites include…[link to online map/listing of sites] Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…
Pandemograms is the result of a partnership between The Beverly Area Arts Alliance and the Morgan Park Beverly Hills Business Association and local and Chicago-area artists.

Map out your self-guided tour of Pandemogram sites and join us September 17, September 24, and October 1, 6-9pm. See Pandemograms tab for detail on each location.
Southtown Health Foods, 2100 W. 95th: Dorothy Straughter
Two Mile Coffee Bar, 9907 S. Walden: Tim Anderson
Bookie’s Bookstore, 10324 S. Western: Linda Bullen
Horse Thief Hollow, 10426 S. Western: Phil Cotton, Matthew Dicks, Katherine Kampf, Brendan McAlinden, Jeremy Craig Michael, Jay Williams. Inside: Matthew Dicks, Katherine Kampf, Brendan McAlinden
The Blossom Boys, 1810 W. 103rd: T.C. English-Dumont, Robin Power
Quilter’s Trunk, 10352 S. Western: Katherine Kampf
Edward Jones Investments, 10930 S. Western: Cathy Sorich
City Grange, 1818 W. 99th: Matthias “Spider” Schergen
Oak & Bloom, 9909 S. Walden: Elaine Miller
Nicky’s (new location), 10500 S. Western: Blues-inspired murals by Paul Branton, Phil Cotton, Brendan McAlinden. Work in progress – stop by and see the murals as they are being painted!
Heritage Gallery, 1907 W. 103rd: Carla Winterbottom, George Perez Orta; Pandemogram postcards
Root Consignment, 1913 W. 103rd: Dawn Liddicoatt, D. Rae, Samantha Griffin, Jacy Barrett, Terry Rudd
Ohana Ice & Treats, 1800 W. 103rd: Leon Mechelle, Dyona McQuay
RMH Interiors, 1804 W. 103rd: Julie Chappetto, Jack Denst
Belle Up, 1915 W. 103rd: Paul Branton
Everything’s Relative, 10548 S. Western: Tom Olson
Turkey, 9913 S. Walden: Robin Power
Tranquility Hair Salon, 9908 S. Walden: Dan McCabe
Two Mile Coffee Bar, 1766 W. 95th: Ann Blaas
The Beverly Area Arts Alliance (The Alliance) cultivates collaboration between artists and community to foster Beverly/Morgan Park as a hub of culture and creativity on Chicago’s far Southside. Social justice and equity are core values of the Alliance. We believe that the diversity of our community makes it a stronger, more vibrant place to live and do business and that the arts can provide space for diverse people to come together.
A Note on Safety: All aspects of this project maintain guidelines for social distancing. Artists and business owners who are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone with Covid 19 are asked to refrain from direct participation. Artists will be asked to create this work at home with a brief allotment of time to install in each retail space.