Trish Happel

Trish Happel

Artist’s Statement

As an assemblage artist, I make dioramas of mysterious dreamscapes, glowing with LED lighting, frontal but 3-dimensional. They are like spooky stage sets, narrative, somewhat abstract. I celebrate petrochemical destruction colliding with nature, lonely abandoned urban spaces, industrial ruins, post-apocalyptic swamps, troubled dream interiors. Discarded materials transform into rustbelt worlds: smokestacks, pipes, corrugated metal siding, trusswork, electrical towers, creepy undergrowth, with sci-fi invader humor elements. Scavenging drawers and wood boxes, I compose inner scenes using broken tail lights, rusted metal and tool parts, wire, kitchen utensils, fabric, plastic refuse, wigs, toys, fake plants, paper, electronic parts and vacuum tubes. LEDs cast an indirect glow, hidden behind a veneer of resin-infused paper and other translucent materials. These dioramas have a twilight feel, a foreboding mood, despite romantic coloring. I show beauty amidst decay and broken landscapes.

2021 Beverly Art Walk venue: 

Alliance Contemporary at N.O.B.

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