RoseRita Walsh James

RoseRita Walsh James

Artist’s Statement

My current art practice focuses on the shared physical experiences of the Earth and self-identified femmes. I seek to investigate the psychosocial, biophysical, and spiritual manifestation of femme embodiment on an endangered Earth. I believe that it is my duty to make art that is aggressively political in nature and representative of my lived experience as a femme in a masculine world. In this way, I regain some of the power that my professional work often steals from me; school social work is a living meditation in social/political powerlessness. My current mediums of expression include mixed media and 3D painting, costuming, paper macheing, fiber arts, and writing.

My color, texture, and shape presentations are intentionally overwhelmingly vibrant and exuberant, as a nod to my personal practice of cultivating pleasure and joy, despite the stark realities and presages for possible future species and planet annihilation. I seek to neon and pastel-wash the world around me, as a balance to harsh binaries and relentless masculine grayscales. I frequently choose materiality that holds no pedigree and communicates a naiveté about expectations of the art world; whenever possible I choose materials that are being re-used, obtained second hand or handed down to me for my work. One of my favorite materials sources are my children’s unused art kits and supplies. My materiality reflects my own un-provenced and undistinguished ‘to the academe’ qualifiers as a woman born femme, mother, professional community care worker and educator. As well as, a desire to not further perpetuate neo-capitalism and ecological decline in my sourcing efforts.

2021 Beverly Art Walk venue: 

Beverly Bakery

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