Robin Power

Robin Power

Chicagoland native Robin Power received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute Chicago. Her primary areas of study were Figure Sculpture and Drawing. An exhibiting and teaching artist, Robin holds a faculty position at Stirling Hall Art Center in Lake Forest, where she teaches Ceramic Figure Sculpture and Hand-building.

Artist’s Statement

Starting at a young age my parents decided that I should have a doll collection. The dolls were not to be played with, but were for holding and examining with the greatest of care. Every birthday or holiday I would receive a new doll. My aunts, uncles and family friends would bring me dolls from places they had traveled. My favorites were the handmade, ethnic, or native. Through this practice I learned to value other cultures.

These dolls are my interpretation of KOKESHI dolls of northern Japan. They are traditionally made from wood, and opinions vary greatly regarding their meaning and spiritual significance. Most interpretations are centered around children, with some believing that they represent the wish for a healthy child, while others believe that they bring children closer to the mountain spirits.

2021 Beverly Art Walk venue: 

Alliance Contemporary at N.O.B.

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