Mith Painters Collective

Mith Painters Collective

Artist’s Statement

Mith Painters Co. is a small group of artists working in the painting trade to support their artistic ideals and offer a skilled aesthetic to homeowners in Chicago. Cabinet and furniture refinishing is a specialty of the Mith Crew, and they are always looking for clients who enjoy supporting a new design style in their homes. The Mith Crew is: Erica Rose, Cy McGourty, Will Flores, JB Fry & Nico Valdez.

Cy McGourty works in steel, sound, and print media to explore the extremes of scale and its implications upon life of all forms. They aim to de-center the human and uplift the labor preformed on microscopic scales as well as to provide a platform for appreciation of the biological, geological, chemical, and planetary cycles only revealed with the scope of deep time.

JB Fry is a conceptual designer who works through an interdisciplinary art practice. Fabricating domestic objects, rendering digital environments, and installing spaces that reference their midwestern upbringing allow them to navigate issues of gender and sexuality. They subvert and critique the model of the suburban landscape and normative lifestyles with queerness. Their exhibitions include Wanted Design (Brooklyn, NY), Sullivan Galleries (Chicago), ADDS DONNA (Chicago), Gene Siskel Film Center (Chicago), Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), Gallery 400 (Chicago). They were also a resident at ACRE (Steuben, WI).

Erica Rose is the founder of Mith, mom of Micah & Theia, dog mom of Sadie, and enjoys the process and techniques of painting in all forms. Her current work is focused on exploring liminal spaces through light, shadow and line in painting.

2021 Beverly Art Walk venue: 

Joplin Marley Studios


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