Kristen Malone

Kristen Malone

Artist’s Statement

I use acrylic paints to create works that are bright and colorful, with a lot of movement. I custom mix almost every color either in the palette or on the canvas directly, and enjoy looking for the right combinations of colors.

My pieces are cheerful and embrace a bit of messiness and imperfection. I make abstract florals and other types of abstract paintings as well. I use a combination of waiting for the paint to dry and layering colors on top of it, and sometimes mixing and layering the colors on the canvas while the paint is still wet.

I started painting in high school and have always had a canvas or two around the house that I am working on, but mostly just painted for myself and a few friends. When the first Coronavirus lockdown hit, I decided to spend some time painting each day to pass the time, cheer myself up, and set daily goals. I have been making custom paintings for people ever since, and enjoy creating pieces for people who are mostly first-time buyers of original art.

2021 Beverly Art Walk venue: 

Oak & Bloom

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