Hollie Davis

Hollie Davis

Artist’s Statement

Hollie Davis studied Art and Women’s Studies at Denison University. Her work is about the fundamental experience of visual art, which is the act of looking. Hollie’s art is passionately the story of communities of all kinds. Each of her pieces, whether portraiture or landscape, is about the subject’s gaze. Through this gaze the audience is free to look without restraint and able to make connections and references freely. What is remarkable about Hollie’s art making is that she is empowered to create her own vision, her own focus, her own fantasy worlds, in which women and/or people of color are free. Diverse representations of beauty are the signature of her work as well as powerful use of color. Color frees people to experiment with other elements in art like line, proportion, and texture. It allows people to connect the subjects of their gaze to references and connections that are poignant in their own memories. Through looking at her work the audience is understanding line, shape, form, and color as a story of marginalized people. This story is a prologue to the politics of everyday life. It encourages people to think more critically as they focus their gaze in everyday life. Themes of her work? Identity, community, and individuality. How is her work described? Colorful, authentic, and impactful.

Hollie plans on continuing international virtual residencies and shows through 2021. Currently she works with The Downstairs Gallery in Portland, OR, from Chicago as an artist, and is a liaison with Chicago local talent. Hollie recently has shown her artwork in NYC and in multiple galleries in Chicago, including The Vault and United as One Gallery. Hollie focuses on collecting images that are expressive of the human condition and collages them with color and pattern to reference a historical tradition in art that is evidenced by Romare Bearden, Bisa Butler, Lois Mailou Jones, Faith Ringgold, and others. Hollie continues to seek inspiration and energizing stimulating conversation on the Southside of Chicago.

2021 Beverly Art Walk venue: 

Wild Blossom Meadery

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