Femmejolie Arts

Femmejolie Arts

Artist’s Statement

I have always had an attraction to unique, complex, yet simple things; The shape of the clouds have simple organic shapes, yet their size are monstrous and inspiring to view under the scattered rays of light from the sun. Such an ordinary moment of life is often taken for granted. Even the outline of the human being tells a story I would like to share. Perspectives that appreciate the smallest, yet wide things in the world is what inspires my work of art. The natural world is eccentric, weird and beautiful all at once, and nothing can compare to the wondrous altitudes that man has taken to imitate its uniqueness. People are a distinct feature created by nature and a divine being above, and my artwork works in harmony to embellish the diversity of the human spirit and hidden wonders of the world into one, which I feel that we all should be striving for in one way or another.

2021 Beverly Art Walk venue: 

Beverly Arts Center

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