Ann B Blaas

Ann B Blaas

Artist’s Statement

I want my work to exhibit a sense of widened possibilities and connection through invention, and childlike exuberance. I like to play with space, enmeshed in a mixed language of painting and drawing, language that for the most part is abstract but contains elements of calligraphy, landscapes, building references and animal like indications. I am concerned with creating a sense of motion never quite obtaining equilibrium. I like to push the illogical through interesting spatial relationships, using biomorphic form that embraces intuition. Although I am currently working on Mylar, my work is unbound by medium and technique; the work alternates from the hand made to the digitally fabricated. I like to be able to collaborate on work with other artists, as well, pursuing my own projects seamlessly.

2021 Beverly Art Walk venue: 

Heritage Gallery

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