Welcome to the Sixth Beverly Art Walk! We’re excited to help you show off your mad art skills. Here are six things you can do to be successful at the Beverly Art Walk (BAW):

1) Promote yourself! We know you are working hard on your art. Don’t forget to also devote some time and effort in promoting yourself and your art in the weeks and months leading up to BAW. Now is a good time to create or update your Artist’s Statement, get business cards/postcards, update your website, and share your work on social media. Connect with the Beverly Art Walk group on Facebook to connect with other artists and art lovers as well.

2) Sign up early! You do not need to have all your artwork completed before you submit your application. We prefer for artists to share with us what they plan to have ready for BAW and their works in progress along with some samples of work and estimated dimensions to help us determine the type and amount of space needed. You will have the opportunity to upload more detailed information at a later date.

3) Give your work the presentation it deserves! That means perhaps spending a little extra on framing and materials to show your pieces to their best advantage. Also make sure that your artwork is READY TO HANG (with appropriate wires and hooks) when it comes time to install. ALL works, even smaller unframed canvases need to be wired on the back.

4) Invite everyone you know! Reach out to your friends, family and connections on social media. Share postcards at local businesses or other cultural events.

5) Get involved! Benefits of volunteering: it’s fun, it helps you connect with other artists and community members, and it helps improve the event for artists, organizers, business owners and attendees!

6) Be present. The day of BAW, hundreds of people may pass by your work. Get to know the owners/staff at the location of your work, and help them know you/your work so they can answer questions before/after art walk day. If you are interested in selling or promoting your work, you should be there to answer questions and discuss your pieces. Invite a friend or family member to fill in for you for a little while so you can enjoy some of the other exhibits as well. Be sure to bring business cards or promotional materials so visitors can get in touch with you.